Fear of abandonment and fear of commitment are more related than you might think.

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You are dating a super cute person. But when you want to make plans for the two of you together, propose to get to know each other’s friends, or ask if you are actually together, the other suddenly comes up with a story that he or she does not want a relationship. And that while you thought you were having just as much fun — the story of your life. I think we have all experienced it, but it seems to happen to some just a little more often than others. Are you always unlucky enough to attract people with…

As some Republicans continue to bypass the House’s new security gates, the Democratic leadership is now threatening them with hefty fines.

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There are now more American soldiers active in and around the Washington Capitol than there are in Afghanistan. Thousands of national guards — in uniform, heavily armed, and with face masks — have camped in the parliament building’s corridors.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not yet reassured in the aftermath of the storm (6 January) and the run-up to Joe Bidens’s inauguration (Wednesday). Because: what if the next threat to parliament comes from within, from Republican representatives?

On Wednesday, the top Democrate announced that she wants to impose a hefty fine on Congressmen if they continue to ignore or…

With the support of ten Republicans, the Democrats in the House charged the president with sedition. Now it is up to the Senate to act.

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The question of whether President Donald Trump should set a political price for his incitement in the prelude to the storming of the Capitol on January 6 is causing growing divisions in his own party. As expected, Trump was indicted by a majority (232–197) in the House on Wednesday.

Unlike in late 2019, when he was the target of impeachment proceedings in the Ukraine affair, multiple Republicans also voted in favor of the Democratic indictment. Ten of them dared to break with Trump, of whom Liz Cheney (daughter of the ex-vice president and №3 of the House faction) is considered…

The implementation of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence is progressing at a rapid pace.

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Even though Machine Learning algorithms can be of great help in the automation of tasks, many developers are concerned about the acquisition of the “Self-Writing Software.”

This software could theoretically ensure that there are only a handful of software developers who maintain this algorithm.

Today’s programmers and software developers could lose their jobs using this technique.
Is it really possible to replace a human programmer with a self-writing algorithm?

To find out whether these techniques and technologies can actually be used in the future and whether they can replace a person as a software developer, I ask the following sub-questions:

Emmy Chamberlain

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